Field tests

Find out about a special test class in our portfolio! 

The BioGenius GmbH portfolio includes a special test class: The field tests.


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Field tests

The BioGenius GmbH portfolio includes a special test class, the field tests. Field tests offer the opportunity to test insecticidal products, such as bait products, granules, powders, or sprays under real conditions. The study results of field tests should prove the efficacy of products when applied according label claim.

Field tests are also officially required for the approval of insecticidal ant products or wasp products. BioGenius supports its customers in generating the required study results by conducting efficacy field trials. The treatment is carried out according to the product label (e.g. directly on/around/in the nest or on so-called "ant streets"). Untreated nests are used as a negative control and serve as a comparative value for nest activity.

Field tests against ants can usually be carried out from late spring to late summer against the required ant species Black garden ant, Lasius niger. Field trials against wasps (Vespula spp. or Dolichovespula spp.) can usually be carried out in summer or late summer. Since these efficacy tests are carried out outside of buildings, the start and end of the test period depends strongly on the climatic conditions in the respective test year. Beyond this period, influences such as the natural population decline or lower population activity due to colder or wetter conditions can have a negative impact on demonstrating the product efficacy.

So, the season of field tests is about to start! If you also need field tests for the approval of your ant or wasp product, please feel free to contact us now!

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