The particle size distribution

An important criterion for the security of your product 

Determination of the particle Size distribution for biocides, plant protection products and pharmaceutical industry.


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The particle size distribution: an important criterion for the security of your product

Since the company was founded, BioGenius GmbH has been determining the particle size distribution of aerosols based on the CIPAC MT 187. For this reason, we have enhanced our capacity by a new device for the determination of both aerosols and the distribution of particle sizes in dusts and suspensions under GLP conditions according CIPAC method. We have already carried out these measurements for the approval of biocides (BPR), plant protection products (PPP) and for the pharmaceutical industry.

For the determination the particles of the aerosol are either nebulized or the dispersed solid particles are placed in a glass cell. Subsequently, both are irradiated with the aid of a laser. The particle size can be determined by deflection of the rays. Due to our new measuring device we operate in the range between 0.1 and 900 µm. Therefore, we are also able to determine respirable particles (< 2.5 µm).


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