Exceptional test materials: "Can't be done, doesn't exist!"

We at BioGenius GmbH are creative and innovative. Also when it comes to recreating test scenarios.

The places where insecticides are used are extremely diverse. How can these be replicated for test scenarios?

Your insecticide is used in African mud huts? Are you developing your product further, do you want to improve it? Do you want to test it in a practice-relevant way?

African building material is sometimes difficult to procure for a European test laboratory. A suitable substitute is needed!

BioGenius GmbH sets out on a search ... and finds one!

Clay building boards for ecological house building! You will receive a sample for inspection. If you think it is suitable: "Let's go!".

One example of many, where BioGenius GmbH will be happy to help you. Please contact us!


Exceptional test materials: "Can't be done, doesn't exist!"
Clay building boards as test material