And already 6 months are passed...

The first half of the year was all about building knowledge and networking with customers and partners.

Hasn't the year just begun?! Already 6 months have passed and with summer temperatures we look back on an eventful first half of the year...

Horses are also plagued by mosquitoes and all kinds of insects. 
Therefore Mike Bublitz visited the spoga horse with the question:
What products are available here specifically for horses and what is the effectiveness? Therefore, the spoga horse in Cologne is a "must" for us every year. The latest products and experiences for insect protection, parasite control and prophylaxis are presented here. It is worth taking a look.  

A special highlight was the Dublin Biocide Symposium 2023, which took place virtually, but gave us the opportunity to present our expertise in the field of "Lab Efficacy Testing for PT18 and PT19" and to show the challenges of BPR in testing for PT18 and PT19. 
If you want to know more, here is the link to the presentation.

Of course, sales is important, but so is knowledge building. That's why the "European QA Conference" was on the agenda this year. 
Quality assurance is a high priority for us. Therefore it is important and makes sense to be up to date here. The GQMA offered a successful and varied program. Our colleagues came back with new ideas. We are excited to see how these will develop further.
More information about the GQMA can be found here.

Some of the events we have targeted focus in particular on the latest developments with regard to the registration and approval of biocides. The Fresenius BPR Conference was one of these events. We have the claim to be always at the pulse of time to be able to advise you as a customer optimally. 
This was also reflected in one of our articles from April about the registration of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract. 
Click here for the article.
Even though we at BioGenius are looking at how biocides work, it is interesting to see how these products are used. Therefore, a visit to the Grünau conference is always worthwhile.

"Sightseeing" in Copenhagen would certainly have been nice, thought Dr. Fabian Müller. But there was no time for that. At the "Biocides Symposium 2023" there were definitely important topics that we could not miss. The latest developments in the regulatory process, the evaluation of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the context of the BPR, and the sustainability of the BPR were the focus of the symposium. Maybe next time, dear Fabian. 
The same happened to Martin Tomakidi in Amsterdam on his way to this year's PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association). We visit the fair with the focus: biocides and latest innovations. 
This is a good platform for us to get to know the latest products in the biocide sector.

Keeping up to date with the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) is one of our requirements, but knowledge of international agreements regarding methods for the analysis of pesticides and physico-chemical testing methods for formulations is also important. The CIPAC meeting provides us with a space to build knowledge.

You haven't had a chance to talk to us yet? Then let's make up for it quickly!
If you can't find us at congresses and trade fairs, you can always take the opportunity for a personal appointment. In the first half of the year, many of our customers were happy to take up our offer of a personal meeting as well as guided tours of our company. 
We are always pleased about the personal contact and valuable exchange. 
Do not hesitate and make an appointment for the second half of the year. 
After the summer we will continue. Here you can find our latest events.


And already 6 months are passed...
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