References for our 360°-Programme 

Since the company was formed at the end of 2004 we have been supporting biocide development projects and customers in many ways; the inception of novel products, the successful development of frame formulations, product launches as well as utilising product data to support global registration.


We supplied a customer with the necessary data to support the registration of their insect spray product

We generated physical chemical, safety, efficacy and formulation/product stability data.

  • We developed and validated a unique analytical method for this product.
  • Working with the regulatory authorities we developed a suitable test method for this product to help demonstrate its efficacy.
  • We used our test facilities to back the generation of toxicology data based on predefined product concentrations.

In parallel to carrying out the stability study and generating shelf life data we aided the products global registration.

Further Projects

  • We established, for use within the EU, efficacious commercial formulations to repel animal parasites.
  • We performed essential research in the area of evaporator technology for use around the globe.
  • For companies in Asia and Africa we analyzed the content of the active substance in batches of bed nets and treated materials and approved their release after demonstrating their efficacy.
  • We developed an analytical method to determine impurities in plan protection products using LC/MS technology.
  • We established a method of determining the amounts of a biocide product in the air which is used in containers during shipping.
  • We routinely develop new test methods to demonstrate the effectiveness of insect repellents.

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