Biological Product Testing 

This facility offers a vast range of tests supported by comprehensive know-how, a thorough understanding of insect behaviour and the mode of action of active components. Use our knowledge to test your product and accelerate its development. Extensive testing capacities mean for you rapid and reliable results.


Contact Person

Dr. Catherine Linn

phone +49 (0) 2204 83077-17
mobile +49 (0) 160 5346785

Service catalog for download

BioGenius Service Catalog

We offer:

  • For various product applications product efficacy tests in field, lab or screening form or scales
  • Biological tests according to the rules set down in the technical guidance document of the biocide product directive (product groups 18 & 19)
  • Tests according to guidelines set down by the WHO, EPA, OECD or others
  • Testing against material pests 
  • Unique challenges, new ideas, quick support, critical product appraisal
  • Testing bed nets according to the WHOPES protocol (biological testing, measuring active substance levels, washing)

Close collaboration with the analytical department through our 360° perspective programme rounds off our biological product testing services.

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