Dust Measurement

How much dust does your product generate? 

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Dust Measurement

Protective masks are an indispensable part of our time. But do your customers really need them when using your product? How much dust does it produce? We can answer these questions with a quite simple test that can be carried out at BioGenius.

For this purpose, we mechanically drop your product from a height of about 75 cm. In this case we often talk about granules, which may disintegrate on impact and thus release dust.

Dust of the product is thus whirled up with the following impact. A light beam is weakened by the whirled-up dust and, depending on the intensity of the light beam, the amount of dust can be determined.

Quelle: Palas GmbH

On the one hand the dust produced directly after impact is taken into account (max. value), on the other hand the amount that is still in the air 30 seconds later.

On the basis of these two measured values we can thus assess whether a mask has to be worn or how much dust is spead.

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