Development & Consulting

" The value of an idea lies in its implementation".

Thomas Alva Edison

And we are very happy to support them in this!

Unique in the field of product development, we offer a 360° service for a wide range of applications. We integrate all areas of influence from the beginning to the finished product.

Our development concept for your product:

  1. Project goal definition / elaboration and consultation
  2. Market - and patent research
  3. Implementation concepts for product ideas
  4. Feasibility testing of product ideas (proof of concept)
  5. Framework recipe development
  6. Product development / modification / fine-tuning
  7. Comparative tests / screenings / benchmarking
  8. Product and manufacturing documentation (booklets)
  9. Release for production / scale up
We know how it works!

Technical Consulting

Your idea is born, the product is developed. But now the approval procedure is just around the corner.

However, documents and methods cannot be applied arbitrarily to every product.

"How to design suitable registration data sets for your unique

Therefore, a practical and technical evaluation is always required and mandatory. In addition, tests may need to be adjusted for products which are not covered by the method descriptions.

For all these questions we offer you our "Technical Consulting". 

Oure Service "Technical Consulting":

  • Evaluate the technical status of your products
  • Screen your products and applications for possible challenges
  • Create possible solutions for your products and applications
  • Suggest possible improvements
  • Discuss possible test scenarios with the competent authorities
  • Adjust available methods for your products
  • Prepare statements for the competent authorities to support the
    tests / argumentations
  • Create new tests to represent the product application in reality

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