Ion chromatography at BioGenius

An enrichment for you and for us!

We have already expanded the portfolio of our services in 2018 to include ion chromatography. Thus, we can offer you as our customers special analyses and method developments in the field of biocides and plant protection products.

The method at a glance 

In ion chromatography, the individual ions are separated and detected on the basis of their characteristic conductivity. The individual ions are identified by comparing a reference solution with the sample solution. In ion chromatography, a distinction is made between cation exchange, anion exchange and anion exclusion. 

Application examples

Ion chromatography (IC) is an enrichment for our service portfolio. So far, we have analysed more than 30 different products and active substances and developed about 15 methods ourselves. IC offers a wide range of possibilities for analyses and further analytical questions.  

The established method can be used to analyse very different substances in various product groups. Therefore, IC has already been used for the analysis of fertiliser products and plant protection products. In the field of biocides, the IC has also already proven its efficiency and was used for the determination of all chlorine species in disinfection products. In this context, the corresponding cations from the groups of alkali and alkaline earth metals were also determined and the results were compared in a mass balance. 

However, IC is not only used for specification verification of products, but also as a specific method for 5-batch analyses of active substances according to Article 95 (BPR). 

Your advantages

By acquiring the IC, we are even more service-oriented and can respond directly to your customer requirements - even without involving other partners or service providers.

This means that you receive service from a single source. With the security of being in good hands. 

"Ion chromatography enables us to offer a broader spectrum of analytical services and successfully rounds off our technical expertise for the analysis of biocidal products," explains Alexander Brux.    

Take advantage of this possibility of ion chromatography in our company and let us advise you. Contact us - we will be happy to answer your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you.       


Ion chromatography at BioGenius