The flushing effect, an interesting marketing aspect!

And you can check it!

"Fast immediate effect with expulsion effect!" is a slogan that often advertises the advantages of the product in connection with aerosols. But what exactly is meant by this and what are the advantages?

Flushing effect, what is that actually?

This refers to the ability of a product to actively drive cockroaches out of their hiding places during a spray treatment, for example.

The advantage?

The cockroaches quickly leave their hiding places during spraying. They run over the still damp surfaces. They wet themselves heavily with the product, so a faster, more lasting effect is often given!

Otherwise, the cockroaches would only appear when darkness sets in. They only run over the treated surfaces when they have already dried again. The effect then often sets in much too "later".

Moreover, and this aspect should not be underestimated, the user immediately sees "something is happening"!

How can this effect be verified and which products have such a flushing effect?

Practically all products containing pyrethrum, but also many, many other products can have such a flushing effect!

By means of "artificial hiding places" (see photo) it is possible to simulate this effect. The hiding places are variable in height and depth. During the test, the cockroaches hide in the "artificial hiding places". Then they are sprayed into the hiding places. In the test, we determine the number of animals that have been driven out at intervals.

Compared to an untreated hiding place, there are often enormous differences!

And what about your product?

Your product also has the flushing effect. Then let us test the strength of the flushing effect. We would be happy to support you: Please contact us!



The flushing effect, an interesting marketing aspect!
Artificial hiding places