5-Batch analytics at BioGenius

What exactly is it all about?

In recent years, BioGenius has seen a significant increase in the number of requests for 5-Batch analyses. We asked ourselves what exactly is behind this current demand?

On the one hand, the need for this service is related to the approval of equivalent biocidal active substances for the EU market.  

Another area where 5-Batch analysis is one of the basic requirements for our customers is the production of plant protection active ingredients and products at different locations worldwide. If, for example, production is relocated to a new site, it is important to prove that the production sites produce the same results. A 5-Batch analysis can help here.


Our service

As far as customer requirements for these specific projects are concerned, other product specific  parameters are often required in addition to chemical analysis. BioGenius offers a holistic service from a single source. 

However, before we can even start with the actual analyses, many of our customers require method validation or re-validation. Without this, a 5-Batch analysis is inconceivable. This is because, it is essential to have a verifiable method that ensures that the analysis delivers the correct results. 

Here, too, BioGenius is very flexible. We have over 300 analytical methods and can also provide them.


GLP, of course

For our customers it is of particular importance that the studies can be carried out completely under GLP. 

In order to meet the individual needs of each country, we are flexible in the preparation of reports and Certificates of Analyses. This ensures that national requirements are met.

For some of the projects, the time factor plays an important role and here, too, BioGenius stands out for its flexibility.

All in all, it is probably the combination of experience, broad service portfolio from a single source and flexibility that seem to convince our customers.



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5-Batch analytics at BioGenius