Review GQMA

GLP at BioGenius - Also in the future we want to guarantee a high standard in our quality assurance.

Here it is important that we are up to date and inform ourselves about current procedures but also keep an eye on new perspectives. 
Therefore, in April, our QA staff made their way to the GQMA conference in Mainz. 
Besides good social networking opportunities, there were international presentations with a wide variety of topics, 
Such as challenges in paper archives and pest control or prevention (e.g. paper fish) or dealing with new software possibilities like electronic signatures or especially cloud-based working.  
Especially exciting was the "Roundtable GLP". Here was the opportunity to ask questions from the daily work to inspectors or experts. Such an opportunity does not come along every day and was eagerly used. 
Conclusion of the event for Claudia Hellmann, QA employee at BioGenius: 
"It was an informative event with future perspective."  
More about GLP at BioGenius can also be found in our next article on quality assurance.  


Review GQMA
GLP at BioGenius