June 6 is "World Pest Day".

What is it all about and what does BioGenius have to do with it?

Pests can make our life more difficult. Whether it's moths in the wardrobe, mosquitoes with their annoying "buzzing" at night and itchy bites in the morning, or even annoying ants on the balcony. But it can also be worse.  No one wants to share a bed with bedbugs. There are many more examples. Pests can not only be a nuisance, but also dangerous to our health. It is not always a case of “live and let live”. Often, only pest controllers have to take remedial action. 
To raise public awareness of the important role pest control plays in our everyday lives, "World Pest Day" was established on 6 June.  

We at BioGenius GmbH make our contribution here in testing the efficacy of biocides, which are also used by pest controllers worldwide.    
Our service focuses in particular on the approval of biocide and plant protection products. This ensures that only tested biocidal products are placed on the market, that their effects are acceptable to humans and the environment, that they reduce risks to biodiversity and that they are used in a sustainable manner.  

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June 6 is "World Pest Day".
World Pest Day