BioGenius Future-Conference

Our future is important to us!

We are the employer of the future, and we want to stay that way.

That's why the entire workforce met in August for a full-day workshop, the BioGenius Future Conference.

In addition to topics such as communication, the focus was also on our mission "Together. Conscientious. Check" as well as establishing our Purpose more in everyone's awareness. 


"We provide durably effective and protective products that enable people around the world to live more safely."

This is what drives us every day!


To illustrate how and where target-oriented communication is needed everywhere, a short experiment followed

How does order processing actually work in the two departments? Who is in charge and who is involved in the individual work steps? This was demonstrated in an experiment in the afternoon.

The two departments of biology and analytics played out an exemplary order, revealing optimal coordination but also stumbling blocks. Now it is time to analyze and recognize opportunities.

Addressing and discussing topics, working together, is what such a workshop is all about. But team building was not neglected either. Exchange among colleagues, especially across departments, was the order of the day. Of course, the end of the workshop in the evening at the bowling alley was especially helpful.

Special thanks go to our moderator Boris Jermer from Sprachkultur, who has been supporting us in our development process for years.


BioGenius Future-Conference
Future-Conference 2023