Order processing at BioGenius - A brief insight

Why this process is so important for us!

"Order processing is used for the transmission and data processing and control of orders from the moment the order is placed with the customer until the shipment documents and invoices arrive at the customer's premises."


Okay, that sounds complicated and yes, it is. There are many things to consider here and also some stumbling blocks can arise. Therefore, you have to keep a close eye on this process to ensure that the order processing runs smoothly. For us as a service provider, this is the key in order to process your order optimally and to your satisfaction!

In an experiment in the course of the BioGenius Future Conference, order processing in our company was examined more closely with the aim of making the various processes within our two departments visible and identifying any potential stumbling blocks.

In a direct comparison of the departments, it was impressively shown how many steps an order has under GLP requirements and how many different positions are involved in order to successfully complete such a project.

In order to maintain an overview, clear rules and structures are necessary to assemble the individual pieces of the puzzle into a complete picture. There must be a constant flow of exchange between the individual positions so that no information is lost when an order is passed on to the next position involved or, in the "worst case" scenario, the order is even left undone altogether. With almost 20 years of experience in GLP, we are able to continuously identify pitfalls and adjust processes in a targeted manner to remain compliant with evolving GLP requirements.

However, smooth order processing is not only important under GLP conditions, because in every case we want to achieve our goal: to provide permanently effective and protective products that enable people around the world to live more safely.

Essential, in addition to a clear organization, is open and transparent communication. Not only between our employees, but also with our customers.

"In order to further improve the uniform flow of information, regardless of the respective department, our communication methods and channels are currently being examined. This will ensure continued joint and conscientious cooperation."

says Susann Bobe, Head of Quality Assurance.


Order processing at BioGenius - A brief insight
Order processing