Our human success factor!

People are the most valuable part of our company. Because we want to:

  • Competent
  • Testing
  • Together

We care about long lasting, effective and protective biocidal products to provide safer lives for people around the world.

How do we achieve this? That depends on the commitment and passion of our employees. The key factors are collegiality and mutual trust.

Knowledge culture

Knowledge is the cornerstone of innovation.

Therefore, we promote the development and consolidation of knowledge. In order to grow together with our knowledge, we share our knowledge transparently with each other.

  • We promote the development of knowledge / expertise through continuous training.
  • We promote the exchange of knowledge.
  • We promote knowledge transparency.

Working culture

We provide a positive working atmosphere

Our workplace offers freedom for creative and concentrated work. Everyone can contribute new ideas, competence and passion to projects.

  • We promote an open and modern working culture.
  • The collegial community is in the foreground.
  • We take responsibility together.

Health culture

Health and safety at work!

Physical and mental health of our colleagues is close to our hearts. This is to promote the flexible organisation of work and leisure time.

  • Work and leisure time should be harmoniously intertwined.
  • Regular preventive health care is important to us.
  • Safety at the workplace is a priority for us.

The core of our togetherness

Manage knowledge 

Work flexibly       

Promote teamwork 

Promote health         

Have confidence

Modern technology