Our analytics 

The analytical team of the GLP test facilities offers an all round but individual service in the area of active substance and material testing. We provide optimised customer support, offering a range of services from measuring the content of an active substance to determining more complex product characteristics. We specialise in performing studies for the registration of biocide and plant protection products. Your inquiries and studies will be investigated transparently in an accurate and up to date manner.


Contact Person

Alexander Brux

phone +49 (0) 2204 83077-23
mobile +49 (0) 151 168 87 532

Service catalog for download

BioGenius Service Catalog

  • Determination of Active Substance Content and Material Tests
  • Determining Active Substance Content in Production Batches(48 h Service)
  • Physico-chemical Properties
  • Stability Studies and Compatibility Tests
  • Developing Analytical Methods for New Processes
  • Method Validation

Our Services for BPR 528/2012

Intensive collaboration between the GLP analytics and the biological product testing department through our 360° perspective programme helps us to focus on all the issues relevant to the registration of your product.

  • Development and Validation of New Analytical Methods
  • Short and Long Term Stability Studies According to Requirements
  • Physical Chemical Product Characteristics and Safety-Relevant Substance Data
  • In Door Air Space Concentration and Residues of Active Substances
  • Product Testing and Defining ab initio Biocide Product Applications

Our Services for PPP 1107/2009

Additionally we are in a unique position to generate a wide range of the physical-chemical data required for the registration of your plant protection products according to the European directive 1107/2009.

  • Developing Analytical Methods for Active Agents and Co-formulants
  • Validation of Analytical Methods According to SANCO 3030/99
  • 5- Batch Analysis of Active Agents and Co-formulants
  • Application Tests for Sprays, Fluids and Solid Products
  • Combined Short and Long Term Stability Tests
  • Physical Chemical Product Characteristics and Safety-Relevant Substance Data

In addition we offer further services in cooperation with our network partners.

  • REACH Studies and Registration
  • Generating and Updating Safety Data Sheets for Different Areas
  • Invitro Studies for Different Issues According to OECD
  • Other Types of Toxicity Studies According to OECD
  • Writing Dossiers for REACH, Biocide and other
  • Market Segments

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