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We in the team of the biological testing facility can carry out a comprehensive range of tests due to our know-how as well as our detailed expertise. We know the behaviour of insects. We have a wealth of experience in the application of different types of products. We know how individual active substances work!

Therefore, you are in the best hands with us.

We provide for all test insects:

  • Screening-tests
  • Development tests
  • Comparative tests
  • Registration tests
  • Laboratory tests
  • Simulated-use tests
  • Field tests 

Efficiency test (PT 18 and 19) 


  • Residual test incl. long-term testing (surface treatment)
  • Choice-Test
  • Direct spraying
  • Spatial efficacy (spray, vaporizer, fogger, LED etc.)
  • Testing of bed nets and textiles

Attractants and bait

  • Choice Test
  • Bait stations
  • Trap tests
  • Pheromone traps


  • Repellent effect on human skin (skin repellents)
  • Repellent effect on fabrics and textiles
  • Barrier- and repellent effect (surface treatment incl. long-term testing)
  • Space repellent

Textile protection

  • Repellent and mortality (incl. long-term effect)
  • Feeding protection
  • Bait and attractant effect

Additional test options

  • Acaricidal long-term effects (house dust mites)
  • Efficacy of larvicides
  • Residual efficacy tests in aircraft
  • Customised set-ups on request

Our Test rooms

  • 4 climate-regulatrd test chambers à 20 m³
  • 8 living space simulating test rooms à 30 m³ (with windows (air exchange), wallpaper, tiled floor, radiators)
  • Product testing in connected 30m³ rooms

Get to know us and arrange a personal consultation and tour of our premises. Get an impression of the testing possibilities on site.

Our services for guidelines and regulations

What can it be?

  • Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) 528/2012
  • WHO
  • Woolmark Test Method – TWC-TM25#
  • ISO 3998
  • TL 8305-0331

We are happy to adapt to your specific requirements.


On the road as experts at the Dublin Biocides Symposium 2023

On the road as experts at the Dublin Biocides Symposium 2023

Dr. Catherine Linn "Head of Department Biology" shined as a speaker and expert on "Lab Efficacy Testing for PT18 and PT19" at the Dublin Biocides Symposium 2023 event on March 28, 2023.

The flushing effect, an interesting marketing aspect!

The flushing effect, an interesting marketing aspect!

And you can check it!

Surface treatment products

Surface treatment products

Depending on the product, the tests can be applied to any insect. The following descriptions refer to the control of cockroaches as an example.


Dr. Catherine Linn

Head of Department Biology

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Our service catalogue

Our service catalogue as ePaper

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