"New Test Guideline”

Are you affected by the changes? 

New version of the "Test Guideline" regarding "PT 19 Repellents & Attractants" has come into force!

Are you affected by the changes?


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The "new Test Guideline”

New version of the "Test Guideline" regarding "PT 19 Repellents & Attractants" comes into effect!

Are you affected by the changes?


The new version of the "Test Guideline" regarding "PT 19 Repellents & Attractants" has been in force since February 2022.

As a result, many relevant test parameters have changed or been added.

Using the example of a "Repellent Arm-in-Cage Test" against mosquitoes, you will find the most important changes regarding the example below.


A similar situation exists for numerous other tests: many changes or new requirements.

If this or similar information is of interest to you, please contact us.

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Guidance on the Biocidal Products Regulation
Volume II Efficacy - Assessment and Evaluation (Parts B+C).

Comparison of most relevant test parameters, “Old” version vs. “New version”
(of an “Arm-in-Cage test” against mosquitoes as an example).


Test parameter

„Old“ version;
Version 3.0
April 2018

„New“ version:
Version 4.1
February 2022

Test species

Culex spp., and
Aedes spp.
e.g. Anopheles spp. optional

Culex spp., and
Aedes spp., and
Anopheles spp.

Test area

(Bare) forearm

(Bare) forearm, or
sleeve (“100 cm² area”) recommended

Test time per hour

5 minutes

3 minutes

Untreated arm

Preferably same person

Same person

Minimum landing rate
(on untreated skin)

5 landings/5 minutes

Culex spp.: 5 landings/minute
Aedes spp.: 20 landings/minute
Anopheles spp.: 5 landings/minute

Environmental conditions

Not that specified

Temperature: 27°C ±2°C
Relative humidity: 75% ±5%
Light intensity

Test cage volume

Not that specified

27 – 64 litres

Mosquito density

Not that specified

1 female / 640 – 840cm³

Calculation of protection time

“… the first confirmed bite recorded as the length of repellence.”

“The CPT (Complete Protection Time) to be specified corresponds to the time interval before the confirmed event, …”

Proof non-insecticidal efficacy
(if it cannot be waived)

Not required

To be done

Your Competent Test Institute.