Corrosive Product Features



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Corrosive Product Features

For the storage and transport of fluid products it is important to know whether these products corrode. For this reason, the test C.1 is made at BioGenius for the determination of corrosive features according to “UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods”. Steel and aluminium plates are put into the fluid product and stored at 55 ° C while testing for a period of one to four weeks. Not only the surface corrosion can be determined by the loss in weight of the steel plates but also the pitting corrosion with the aid of our partner FRT GmbH. After abstracting the steel plates from the solution and the following cleaning the plates are, therefore, scanned by a chromatic white light sensor. Consequently, the surface profile can be determined. Thus, it is possible to detect single holes and to measure their depth.

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