Repellent "arm-in-cage" test



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Repellent “arm-in-cage” test

As presented on the 7th Annual European Biocide Conference on June 4, 2019 a field study showing repellence in the field against mosquitoes is not required anymore according to last information. To fit the new products with repellent efficacy of formulations or treated fabrics against mosquitoes on human arms can be tested in a simulated-use test (arm-in-cage or AIC) at BioGenius.

If a formulation needs to be registered under the BPR standards and tested in a simulated-use test (arm-in-cage) the following information have to be considered:

  • Efficacy for repellents (PT 19)
  • Usage (Skin repellent for humans)
  • Target species is “mosquitoes” (one Aedes and one Culex species); additional “Malaria mosquitoes” (one Anopheles species) if mentioned

The simulated-use test (arm-in-cage) is subject to some parameters. The cages are equipped with a light cloth sluice at the front side. One test species is kept as biting active population (females). Volunteers with a treated forearm or covered by treated fabric expose their arm through the opening to the insects, hands still protected by gloves. Bites and landings in a five minutes test period are registered; the test will be repeated every hour. After e.g. eight hours the test time is over. The efficacy usually ends by the first confirmed bite (two or more bites within one testing or within two subsequent tests).

Due to the latest changes in the guidance (and ongoing revision concerning repellent products) on Biocidal Products Regulation we meet the highest requirements of our customers and the authorities.

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